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Episode 10: Vaporizing The Competition With Transparency & Integrity
Earlier in 2019, we spoke with Lisa Harun, cannabis entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Vapium, a leading vaporizer tech startup. When Lisa isn’t running one of the world’s fastest growing vaporizer companies, she advises fellow tech startups at MarS Discovery District on their marketing and sales strategy. Lisa visited the Scaling Cannabis studios to discuss how cannabis companies can be more transparent, and build trust with consumers through marrying integrity with innovation.
Episode 9: From the Black Market to the Supermarket
Check out our episode with Drake Sutton-Shearer, the CEO of PRØHBTD, which is a trend-setting lifestyle brand with a sharp focus on the cannabis industry. Drake has been a front-runner in this nascent sector, by pioneering a number of industry firsts. For starters, he's created one of the most viewed multi-platform video networks that features cannabis-focused content. A recent change of their holding company name to FUTURE STATE BRANDS has allowed PRØHBTD to live as a pure consumer lifestyle brand and they have some even bigger plans coming in their roadmap. Listen for more!
Episode 8: Everything Cannabis Marketer's Need to Know About the Law
Listen in as Matt Maurer, on of the Cannabis industry’s top lawyers shares facts around how marketers can operate the Cannabis Act. We discuss the challenges that cannabis business owners and marketing teams face while operating within the existing regulatory environment. He also shares some interesting facts about how the Ontario legislation treats the legacy market.
Episode 7: Lifting The Veil Of Cannabis Usage
There is a lot of misinformation floating around in the cannabis space. So we interviewed industry expert and Lift & Co.’s VP of Strategy, Nick Pateras, to discuss how Lift is leveraging an omni-channel, personalized approach to spreading awareness and providing consumers with credible and reliable cannabis information.
Episode 6: Why Diversity in the Cannabis Industry is Critical
With Cannabis being a new legal industry, it still feeds into the problem of it being largely white male dominated. We sit down with Rachel Colic, the Boss Lady of Cannabis to talk about why diversity is so essential in building and growing a company. From genders, skills to ethnicity, we're talking about diveristy on a multitude of layers.
Episode 5: Clearing the Smoke with Public Relations
With strict regulations, cannabis companies are turning towards content marketers and content creators to promote their company and products. Corey Herscu, the founder of RNMKR (Rainmaker), talks about how he gained explosive growth in helping cannabis brands grow their image.
Episode 4: Legitimize Cannabis Through Data and Analytics
Companies in the Cannabis industry are leveraging new technologies in order to gain new insights in customer behaviour. From the O'Cannabiz conference, we sit down with Jess Moran, the director of marketing and communications at Strain Print. She talks about how Strain Print is pushing the industry towards data and analytics approach to improve the understand of cannabis use.
Episode 3: The Founding Father of the Cannabis Industry
From the O'Cannabiz Conference, we're sitting down with Steve D'Angelo, the "Father of the Cannabis Industry". Born at exactly 4:20pm, Steve is a pioneering cannabis entrepreneur, activist, author and TV personality. In this episode, Steve takes us through the early days of when cannabis was illegal, the challenges and stigma he faced to cannabis finally being legal in Canada and some parts of the USA.
Episode 2: Design-First Approach to Cannabis Marketing
See how Toyko Smoke took a design first approach to connect with it's customers. Josh Lyon, the VP of Marketing at Tokyo Smokes talks about how Toyko Smoke's brand and product propelled them into being one of the top Cannabis brands.
Episode 1: Breaking Cannabis Stigma with Media
With strict regulations, how can Cannabis marketers use their full potential and break through the noise? Megan Henderson, the Executive Producer of the Growth Op talks about how she's marketing cannabis with her one-stop shop platform for cannabis news.
Episode 0: Coming Soon Scaling Cannabis
Welcome to Scaling Cannabis, a podcast dedicated to demystifying the future of cannabis product marketing. In this episode, our hosts Steph and Masood chat about why they decided to start Scaling Cannabis and what to expect in the first season.